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We have the know-how to provide assistance to industrial equipment, from extremely outdated technologies to the most advanced technologies. In this way, our department proves to be a valuable and challenging service, capable of dealing with a variety of situations and…

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Curative Support

Curative assistance is one of the services that EST provides to its clients. We work on the immediate resolution of emergency problems that arise in industrial equipment. Our aim is to restore the normal functionality of the equipment as quickly as…

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1 Manutenção Preventiva - Cópia

Preventive Maintenance

EST places great value on the preventive maintenance of industrial equipment, with the aim of avoiding unexpected failures and problems in the future. We perform periodic maintenance in the transformer stations and in the switchboards of the installations. In addition to…

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Commissioning of Variable Speed Drives and other Equipment

Commissioning is the process of installing and initially configuring industrial equipment, such as variable speed drives, in order to ensure that the equipment works in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and meets the requirements of the application. EST has got accredited…

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