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"When the company’s goal is excellence, the Customers are the ones who benefit."




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  • EST is committed to quality as a differentiating feature of its products.
  • We invest in the innovation of our services that respond to the demand of the markets.
  • The competence of our teams is enhanced by the satisfaction of our customers.

"I consider EST like CPT sister company because we work together for a long time the same way of quality, reliability and extensive experience. We both provide best quality engineers and technicians worldwide for professional assistance to reach the entire Client satisfaction."

Hervé Suarez – Site Services Department Manager 
Claudius Peters Technologies SAS

"I am very pleased to inform you that today on the 14/08/2014 at 16:00 was pressed the first plate in the new melamine line installed in Oliveira do Hospital. This task is essentially due to your commitment, collaboration and professionalism in meeting deadlines and the effort to overcome the challenges. On behalf of Sonae Industria of Oliveira do Hospital our thanks to the entire team that worked on this project."

Sonae Industria
Manuel Correia
Automation & Control

"I take this opportunity to express our satisfaction with the quality of the service provided and to transversely praise the attitude and professionalism of your team."

Rui Nunes Nascimento 
Social Centre of Carnide
Technical Team

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