Machine Automation for Cement Production Process

Lafarge (Tula)

  •  Plant: Lafarge (Tula)
  •  Client: Claudius Peters Technologies, SA (CPTSA)
  •  Country: Mexico
  •  Industry: Cement
  •  Fabrication: 2004 (3 months)
  •  Commissioning: 2005/2006 (5 months)
  •  Services: Project, Fabrication, Factory Tests, Commissioning
  •  Products: Programmable Controllers, HMIs, I/Os, Networks & Communications, Motor Control, Safety, Drives

Following demands of Mexican economic growth, Lafarge built a new plant in Tula, near Mexico city. This plant was inaugurated in April 2006 and represents an investment of US$12millions with a annual production capacity of 600.000tpa of cement.

Global Solution

Cement production process is composed by several stages, from the raw material extraction at the quarry until the cement production and expedition. CPTSA, specialists and turnkey suppliers of material handling systems for cement and chemical industries, contract EST to project and implement Machine Automation solution for the 5 equipments that composes raw material storage and pre-homogenization stage, for cement plant.

Technical Solution

This project is composed by 5 Machines (2 Portal Reclaimers and 3 Longitudinal Shuttles), 5 electrical cabinets, using Siemens equipments for machine automation, motor control and drives:
  • 5 PLCs S7-315 2DP, 3 Remote IOs ET200S, 2 HMI OP17;
  • About 400 digital and analog IOs;
  • Profibus and MPI communications;
  • Software: Ladder, GRAPH, SCL.


Plant’s best commissioning curve, in Lafarge history. Superior quality products in grey cement.