Machine Automation for Cement Production Process - SOCOCIM

SOCOCIM (Rufisque, Dakar)

  •  Plant: SOCOCIM (Rufisque, Dakar)
  •  Client: Claudius Peters Technologies, SA (CPTSA)
  •  Country: Senegal
  •  Industry: Cement
  •  Fabricação: 2008 (2 months)
  •  Commissioning: 2009 (1 months)
  •  Services: Project, Fabrication, Factory Tests, Commissioning
  •  Products: Programmable Controllers, HMIs, I/Os, Networks & Communications, Motor Control, Safety, Drives

SOCOCIM, member of the French group VICAT, is the largest cement plant in west Africa. In order to fulfil cement’s growing demands in Senegal, SOCOCIM constructed a new clinker line with capacity to produce 3500 tones per day.

Global Solution

Due to the increasing production capacity with the new clinker line, SOCOCIM renew the plant homogenisation hall. Two brand new bridge reclaimers, with 600 tones/hour capacity, where bought to CPTSA that is a specialist and turnkey supplier of material handling systems for cement and chemical industries. EST was contracted by CPTSA, to project and implement the Machine Automation solution for this system.

Technical Solution

This project was implemented with Siemens equipments for machine automation and Schneider equipments for motor control and drives:
  • 2 PLC Siemens S7 317 2PN/DP;
  • 2 HMI Touch panels Wonderware 10”;
  • 4 Drives ATV31, 2 Drives ATV71, 2 Soft-starters ATS48;
  • About 400 digital and analog IOs;
  • 2 Encoders para controlo de posição;
  • Ethernet communication with HMI and CCR SCADA (by optical fibber);
  • Profibus Communication with CCR PLC (using DP/DP Coupler and OLM devices).


Production capacity increased.