VISIOnem - energy comsuption monitor

Since energy charges are becoming increasingly more important, EST together with CGE, has developed a system that meets the needs of its customers. VISIOnem emerged from the important need for managers to know their energy usage, more than to realize where and how the energy is being used.



Kudura consists of hybrid power and water solutions for rural villages and provides a sustainable response to extinguish the cycle of poverty through access to solar electricity, drinking water, biogas for cooking and bio-fertilizers for agriculture.

EST - Empresa Serviços Técnicos, joined ADEA - Association for the Development of Alternative Energy, as a Community Partner, being a pioneer in the Central Region.

ADEA is a non-profit association that started with the goal of spreading the use of “clean” energy, using the energy from the Sun, Water and Air. The purpose involves helping the development and promotion of projects related to the environment, being the alternative energy the primary goal.

This partnership will enable EST’s Department of Energy, which already has got several energy efficiency services and renewable energy systems, to create more sustainable designs.