EST has begun a new Microlime partnership, with the signing of a contract for the Electrification, Instrumentation and Automation of the Lime Kiln, of the manufacturing unit under construction in Fátima.

In the scope of the contract it is included since the studies and the manufacturing of switchboards, from our Switchboards’ Factory, until the field installation, including instrumentation, concerning the part of the CAL manufacturing process.

The work will be finished by October 2016.


Excellent Work!


EST electrified and provided a MCC board with extractable drawers from the brand EATON, model XW Energy, to Halliburton Energy Services, Algeria Division.

Partial refurbishment of the hotel which includes the renovation of 70 rooms, each equipped with an electrical board. In a total of 93 boards for power distribution in the hotel.

All cabinets and cutting and protective equipment are from the ABB brand; • Energy analyser with WebServer function installed on QE, which includes HTML pages that allow direct access via a standard Web page (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome ...).

The remaining energy analysers installed in the partial boards, connected to the main network analyser over a serial communication on RS-485.

Solution that allows monitoring different electrical parameters of different electrical boards in centralised solution.