Caima is a company specializing in the pulp industry, which relied on the good work developed by EST. This time to design an MCC (Motor Control Center).

In accordance with the customer specifications, and having as reference the standard IEC 61 439, the EST developed the electrical board conforming to form 2b.

EST aims to monitor the evolution of technology and, as such, with this board is starting a new way of framing. The separation of the various constituent elements of the board (bus, functional and terminal areas) does not show improvements in electrical performance, however, it presents improvements in safety.

Safety in these frames is improved by the use of metal partitions or insulation material, preventing contact of active parts belonging to the functional unit and passage of foreign bodies from a functional unit to an adjacent functional unit.

The main advantage, in addition to the increased safety, given by this type of electrical panel, consists in the ease of sectioning only part of the frame while the other parts remain energized and in their normal operation.

Another advantage associated with this type of frames is a possible need to update (either for reasons of power increase or change of technology). This process is simplified over a shorter period of time.

We are very grateful, once again, for the confidence placed in EST!


The awarded certificate recognizes EST values in the universe of sales, installation and services of Rittal products and solutions all over the world.

Rittal has a large number of solutions for energy and automation domain, representing a high income for integrators and customers.

EST has recently invested in new solutions for the industry, such as the MCC with high quality standards, and according to the international norms.

EST thanks Rittal for this recognition, and EST will continue to work closely with this partnership.


In the scope of the migration of Loads of Furnace 4 of Vidralla Italy, EST achieved the realization of an electrical distribution board, with very specific characteristics, namely: nominal current 4000A; switching capacity 65kA; Form 3B; dimensions 2300mm x 3000mm x 1200mm (height x width x depth) and made in RITTAL Ri4Power structure.

This work represents a great evolution in the electrical switchboard already elaborated by the EST Electric Boards Department.

Through this department EST provides a wide range of services, such as electrical studies, development of complete solutions for control and distribution of power in electrical cabinets and container / cabins equipped in a "turnkey" solution.

Vidrala Italy is one of the largest manufacturers of glass packaging in Europe, being represented in seven countries of the continent.