EST developed two compartmentalized switchboards with fixed compartments according with form 3b, working the RI4Power solution by Rittal.

These two MCC's – Motor Control Center developed, have a particularity of being symmetrical and in addition have a possibility of being able to interconnect each other through an inter-bus. Each MCC consists of 18 panels, where 1 is for power supply, 3 is for distribution, 5 for motors and the remaining for input / output of cables and for bus. The distribution compartments provide feeders between 16A and 1600A, motor compartments range from a power of 0.37kW to 160kW.

Concerning the materials used in this project, the Rittal brand was used for the structures and busbars and for the electrical material the Siemens brand was used. It should be noted that for the control and protection of the motors, dedicated modules (Simocode) have been used which, in addition to guaranteeing protection, enable local or remote control and remote monitoring of each motor, since all these modules are connected by a network to a centralized system.


Gypsum Circular Stockyard electrical installation revamping located in Loughborough, England.

Supply of a Motor Control Center with segregated according to the form 4a, PLC panel, Utilities panel and the driving desk. Within the scope of this project, all the electrical studies, automation studies, electrical supervision and start up.



Electrical studies, automation studies, supply and commissioning of two electrical rooms for the revamping and equipment addition for a waste heap stacking system.

MV electrical room and a LV driving cabin are part of scope of the supply for the chemical industry

MV electrical room equipped with a HV/LV 630kVA transformer and HV protection panels with the purpose to power the whole stacker system.

LV driving cabin with the purpose to supply all the motors and control of the mobile part of the system, equipped with a Motor Control Center, PLC panel and driving desk.

Machine tests and commissioning realize by the EST automation department until the final of the current year.