Uruguay - Montes del Plata

Montes del Plata


In 2012 EST concluded an agreement with the Finnish company Andritz to install the instrumentation for two new boilers, one of recovery and other of biomass for energy production, which will be implemented at the new pulp mill in Montes del Plata, Uruguay.

EST’s experience in works in the area of instrumentation was essential to the highest adjudication, to the present day, in this specialty, thus initiating EST’s participation in building the largest recovery boiler of the planet.

Currently, the pulp mill produces about 1.3 million tons of pulp. It is expected that the Montes del Plata project will become the largest private investment in Uruguay. The factory has a significant impact on resources of pulp production in the region and local economy. It employed 6,000 people during the construction and 500 at the beginning of operations. The project involved about 25 employees from EST and 50 from EST Uruguay and ran during the last quarter of 2012 and until the last quarter of 2013.