EST has signed two contracts with the Finnish company Valmet for electrical and instrumentation works for two new biomass boiler, one for the Danish Orsted, and the other one for the Sociedade Bioelétrica do Mondego.

Works will be performed in Kalundborg, Denmark, and in CELBI, Leirosa, between October 2018 and July 2019.

For further information about the Danish project:

There are several domains of EST activity in those projects, such as Industrial electricity, instrumentation and Electrical studies and Electrical Boards.

The two projects turn around 5 million euros.


EST signed a contract with Finnish Valmet to install instrumentation in the new biomass boiler and new Handling System for the Danish HOFOR.

The work to be carried out in Copenhagen in Denmark from February to October 2018.

Business areas involved: Instrumentation and Studies and Electrical

Information about the project in:

Andritz, Stockholm – Sweden

New boiler hot water production and electricity of FORTUM in Stockholm, Sweden. Great work, with the important collaboration of EST.

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