Commissioning of two reclaimers in Vietnam


The second mission of commissioning of two coal reclaimers in Vietnam is coming to an end, the works developed for our customer Claudius Peters Technologies, are taking place in northern Vietnam, in what will be the largest coal-fired power plant in Vietnam, in Mong Duong in the city of Cam Pha, Quang Ninh province, with a total gross capacity of 1.24 GW. This commissioning phase is the completion of this ambitious project which began in 2013 and involved not only the department of Automation, Robotics and Systems but also the department of Electric Boards.

After the first mission, in May this year, we are now finishing the commissioning of this second large machine with a total gross capacity of 1200t/h, with the particularity of being classified as Ex (Explosive Environment). However, a third mission is still expected to complete the works.