Our Vision


To be a reference of excellence in the market of electricity, instrumentation and industrial automation, achieving the sector leadership.


Our Mission


Satisfy and retain all our customers, providing innovative and effective technical solutions.

Develop management of excellence for quality and productivity, raising the company’s reputation in international markets with higher added value.

Our Values

  • Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Credibility
  • Competence

EST, SA adopts an Integrated Management System (IMS) – Quality, Research, Development and Innovation (IDI), Environment, Occupational Safe and Health (OSH) and, for the sake of stakeholders, undertakes to:

  • Provide and ensure safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and health problems, by consulting and involving employees to participate in the system, in order to eliminate hazards and reduce risks by continuously improving Health and Safety at Work (HSW);
  • Ensure compliance with legal and other applicable requirements, goals and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System (IMS);
  • Determine the necessary competences of the people, based on education, qualification, training and appropriate experience to the implementation of tasks that affect the performance and effectiveness of IMS, through communication and internal control, to increase the degree of satisfaction of the customers and stakeholders;
  • Promote a culture of innovation, encourage creativity, enhance knowledge management and streamline the activities of IDI, pursuing innovative ideas that result in projects that generate value;
  • Prevent pollution and managing the environmental impacts of the activity, aimed at social responsibility under the EST is Green initiative.


*Transcribed from the Organizational Excellence Manual



Certificado de Conformidade OSHAS 18001:2007 Certificado de Conformidade ISO 9001:2015
Certificado de Conformidade ISO TS 29001:2010 Certificado de Conformidade CERTIF
Certificado de Conformidade IDI